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About the Clinic

If you have back pain, neck pain or you just aren’t moving as well, chiropractic care should be your first stop. Many muscle and joint problems or injuries improve faster with chiropractic care. Chiropractic care works even better if it’s paired with functional exercise and lifestyle changes like posture correction and better ergonomics.

Chiropractic care is our main focus at Element Chiropractic, in addition, we also utilize rehab exercises for strength and flexibility, posture correction, balance exercises, massage therapy and custom orthotics for foot support.

"Keeping you in your element is about keeping you able to do what you love to do. We help you do that by getting you moving and teaching you how to keep you moving." - Dr. McHattie

Element Chiropractic's mission

Why Element Exists

There are some great clinics and some not-so-great clinics out there. Of course, most clinics and doctors want to do a good job, but sometimes they fall short, and these shortcomings typically aren’t good for patients.

By evaluating our experience as doctors and, more importantly, our personal experiences as patients, we have taken the care and steps into how we do things. We want to make Element Chiropractic a clinic that people want to go to, not because they have to. 

Element Chiropractic opened in July 2021 to give Redmond and the surrounding areas a fresh approach to chiropractic care.  


Simply Good Care

Health care shouldn't be so complicated. Ailments, woes, and ouchies can be complex, but good care should have a plan to help reach a goal. By having checkpoints along the way, we can continue to make appropriate decisions for your care.


Honest Guidance

We do our best to communicate with you about your health, our plan of care, insurance details, billing options, or any hiccups along the way, so you don't feel blindsided, lost or confused.



You are part of the team to get you the best care you deserve. We will work with you to make a plan to help you recover quickly or keep you tip-top. However, we also know that we sometimes need a bigger team and are always happy to coordinate care with other doctors, physical therapists, or other providers.

What we are good at

Clinic Services

Keeping you in your element is why we do what we do. How we do that is by providing mobility and stability. Here’s how we do that:


Traditional hands-on or instrument-based chiropractic techniques are used to get those joints moving.

Rehab Exercise

We provide one-on-one instruction for increasing flexibility, strength, stability, or balance, in the clinic or for home exercise.

Digital X-Ray

A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing what's inside gives us the information we may need to best take care of you.

Custom Orthotics

With the Foot Levelers Scanner technology, we can evaluate your foot structure and order custom orthotics in a matter of minutes.

DOT/CDL Physicals

Same-day medical exam available to truck drivers and other CDL drivers. NRCME #1597148964

Welcome to your new Clinic

Clinic Photos

Element Chiropractic was designed to make you feel welcome and taken care of. There are private treatment rooms for consultations, in-suite X-Ray, rehab equipment, and open treatment bays—everything to be your one-stop-shop for your chiropractic needs. 

We'd Love to See You

Clinic Location

Conveniently located on the corner of Rimrock Way and Highland/Hwy 126. Across the street from Redmond High School. Central access to all of Redmond and close proximity to Eagle Crest, Bend, Prineville, Sisters, Terrebonne, Powell Butte, and Crooked River Ranch, Culver, and Madras.

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