Recovery for on-the-job injuries

Work Injuries

Getting injured on the job is never what someone expects when they go to work, but it does happen. The most common work injuries are musculoskeletal from overexertion or excess physical effort like bending, lifting, or carrying. Recovering from your injury as quickly as possible and returning to work are our priorities in helping you with your work injury. 

Keep up the good work

We understand how important it is to keep you at your job site and the impact it has when you have to take time off. Work injuries happen, and you deserve the care to heal.  

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Why you should see a chiropractor for your work injury


Back, neck, shoulders, & knees

Most work injuries are strains, sprains and tears that often affect the back, neck, shoulders and knees. Our chiropractors are experts in handling these injuries.


Active Care to speed up recovery

Since most work injuries are due to overexertion or mechanical cause, receiving chiropractic care combined with massage and rehab exercises will help you recover faster.


Expertise in navigating work injury cases

With over 16 years of experience handling work injury recovery and navigating the worker's compensation system, we will help you along the way with both the medical and insurance portions of your case.

Workers' Compensation in Oregon

Every state differs slightly in how it handles work injuries. In Oregon, you may choose to go to any health professional of your choosing for a work injury, including chiropractors. Below are some particulars about Oregon Worker’s Compensation and Chiropractic.

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Worker's Compensation

There are specific forms and steps to complete for your work injury claim that we can help you with.

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Effective Treatment

We develop a plan to get you out of pain quickly, restore motion, increase strength and restore function as safely and timely as possible.

Getting back to work

Return to Work

We know that a work injury can be frustrating physically, but also financially. We know that it is important to get back to work and we will help you safely return.

What you can expect for work injury recovery

In Oregon, there are specific forms that must be completed for a work injury. There are also specific parameters around who you can treat with and for how long. We will help you along the journey from injury to recovery. 

Man getting X-Ray of his lower back

On your first visit

Man getting X-Ray of his lower back

We know that being hurt on the job can be tough, but we’re here to help you through your recovery. On your first visit, you can expect:

  • Intake Forms: Upon arrival, we will first need you to complete some forms to tell us about your medical history, current conditions, details of the work injury, and any symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Work Injury Forms: You will need to complete a specific work injury form called a Form 827,  “Worker’s & Healthcare Providers’ Report for Workers’ Compensation Claims.”  You should  have also completed a “Report of Job Injury or Illness” form (801) with your employer.
  • Comprehensive examination: This examination will evaluate your areas of work injury and associated body areas. It will include neurological and orthopedic assessments, muscle strength comparisons, and specific joint mobility assessments.
  • X-rays: You may also undergo X-rays. X-rays reveal possible damage or abnormalities. This information is crucial for us to provide the best possible care tailored to your specific needs.
  • Treatment: After the exam and any necessary X-rays, our chiropractor will provide the appropriate chiropractic treatment. If your chiropractor determines that your specific injury requires other types of care, then a referral to other providers will be made.

Care along the way

Man receiving an adjustment

As we continue your care after the work injury, please be aware that your plan will change based on your recovery. We’ll be using a combination of different treatments like exercises to improve your strength and flexibility, and massage to help relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. Sometimes, it might be appropriate to  see additional healthcare providers, too. If that happens, we’ll refer you to them. To track your progress and ensure we’re providing the best care for you, we’ll also conduct re-exams every 30 days. This way, we can adjust your treatment plan as needed, and keep helping you feel better and stronger. We’re committed to being with you every step of the way.

Man receiving an adjustment
Dr. McHattie adjusting patient's mid-back

Recovery and Wrapping Up

Dr. McHattie adjusting patient's mid-back

Chiropractors have a limited amount of time to treat you for your work injury in Oregon. We have 18 visits or 60 days, whichever comes first, to help you recover from your on-the-job injury. Many patients are recovered and back to work before the end of this time period, but if you require more visits you can still get care. If you require more chiropractic care beyond the limits, then you will simply need a referral from a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions we are asked about chiropractic benefits, treatment techniques, insurance coverage, and more. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff – we’re always here to help and guide you on your journey to better health.

Yes, a chiropractor can be your attending physician in Oregon for a work injury. However, chiropractors can only be your attending physician for 60 days or 18 visits, whichever comes first. You will require a referral for continued chiropractic care after the 60 days or 18 visits.

The insurer must accept or denial your claim within 60 days of the day your employer has knowledge of the claim.

Acceptance is when the insurer has accepted your claim for your specific medical conditions and you will receive a “Notice of Acceptance” letter.

Denial is when the insurer denies your claim. You will receive a letter of denial and your appeal rights.

If the insurer accepts your claim, then the insurer should pay for all of your medical bills related to the work injury.

If your claim is denied, then you may appeal. If you do not appeal, then your health care provider will bill your personal health insurance and you are responsible for any charges. 


Chiropractors can order a variety of additional tests including MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds.

Yes, you may receive chiropractic care even if you went to the urgent care first. You will need to complete another Form 827 with our clinic and elect to change providers. 

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