Knee Strain

New studies suggest following a do no harm approach during the first few days after an injury with the PEACE protocol.

Maybe you pull a hamstring rounding third base during your co-ed recreation softball game, or you pick up something the wrong way and tweak your back, or you roll your ankle stepping off a curb. Pulled muscles and sprained ligaments are common injuries and that can be mild or more severe. The injured area is acute, inflamed, and painful during the first few days. There may be swelling and bruising during this time also.

P = Protection 

Avoid activities & movements that increase pain during the first few days. Avoid prolonged rest.

E = Elevate

Elevate the injured limb to promote fluid flow.

A = Avoid Anti-inflammatories

Avoid anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen as they may impair tissue healing. Avoid icing as cold can also delay tissue healing. Cold laser therapy may be utilized to increase tissue healing.

C = Compression

Kinesio Taping or bandaging can help reduce swelling.

E = Educate

Give your body time and let nature take its course. Avoid excessive passive treatments and over researching your condition. Doing too much can also work against you.

After the acute phase (first 1-3 days) and following the PEACE protocol, you will be able to move on to the more active phase by following the LOVE protocol:

L = Load

Return to normal activities, but let common sense guide. If it hurts, stop.

O = Optimism

A good (and realistic) attitude goes a long way in recovery. Pessimistic attitudes can slow healing and result in suboptimal outcomes.

V = Vascularization

Cardiovascular exercise boosts motivation and blood supply to the injured areas. Safe cardiovascular activities can include swimming, chair aerobics, elliptical, and rowing machines.

E = Exercise

Exercise will help restore strength, mobility, and proprioception. Exercise should gradually be introduced and remain pain-free.

By following these guidelines & adding chiropractic care, your recovery will improve and you can get back to life.


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