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Nearly half of all American adults are affected by high blood pressure, also called hypertension. This extremely common condition occurs when the effort or pressure for your heart to pump blood into your arteries throughout your body is above a healthy range.
Let’s review what these common workplace injuries are, and then dive into more detail about what to do when you’re injured on the job in Oregon and when to seek chiropractic care.
For most people, back pain is caused by common things like pulled muscles, disc injuries, and muscle spasms. These are usually related to overuse, falls, lifting injuries, or other types of trauma. Back pain can also be caused by more unexpected things, some that may surprise you.
Part 2 of our Disc Injury series focusing on the symptoms, how to obtain a diagnosis, and treatment options.
Oh, no. You just slipped on the icy sidewalk and now you have sharp back pain. Lots of questions may pop into your head. Did you slip a disc? Will this get better? Will you need surgery?
Should I see a chiropractor after my car accident? In short, yes. But why?
Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curve of the spine that can be in either one part of the spine or in multiple places. Scoliosis can cause minimal problems or it can be a source of significant pain and dysfunction. Identifying scoliosis early on is the best way to keep the problem from getting worse.
January 1 is the day most insurance plans restart (or set back to zero) their deductible amounts, their visit numbers and dollar amounts and out-of-pocket maximums. Learn about how these changes affect getting chiropractic care.
Don’t ignore your humble feet. They may be at the bottom of your body, but they provide the support for your entire body, provide shock absorption, and give you the spring in your step--even while getting you from Point A to Point B. Don’t ignore them! Treat them well so they can do their job.
Chiropractors are wonderful at helping with spinal health, but that’s not where their expertise stops! Follow along as we review many more ways that chiropractic can help your body heal--all over.